Repair and Mechanical Works

Repair and Mechanical Works

The Repair and Mechanical Plant of Neochim PLC is specialized in manufacturing non-standard equipment and spare parts for the chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries.

The Repair and Mechanical Plant disposes of the following facilities:

  • Mechanical and Assembly Section
  • Boilersmith, Forgery and Press, and Anticorrosive Protection Section
  • Foundry Section

The Repair and Mechanical Shop executes orders by customers for manufacturing:

  • Vessels and tanks for transportation of acids, bases and liquefied gases, made from carbon and alloyed steels.
  • Oil-separators and receivers for compressor stations
  • Heat exchangers made of carbon and alloyed steels
  • Equipment for the perfumery and cosmetic industry – vessels, heat exchangers, reactors, equipment for processing ethereal oils, apparatuses with mixing devices.
  • Silos for cement and other bulk materials
  • Tanks for petrol products
  • Cylinders and drums for sulfur dioxide.
  • Metal constructions
  • Elliptic bottoms (drum ends) with diameter ranging from 250 to 1400 mm, made of carbon and alloyed steels.
  • Printing, gumming, protection coating
  • Spare parts, gear wheels, flanges, axes, and shafts.
  • Spraying, painting, gumming/rubberizing and covering with protective coatings.

Manufacturing of castings made of cast iron, carbon and alloyed, stainless and heat resistant steel.

Managing Director:

tel: 00359 391 65751
fax: 00359 391 65784