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Information about the processing of personal data in Neochim PLC

Neochim PLC is a company registered in the Commercial Register of the Registry Agency under UIC 836144932, with registered office and business address: town of Dimitrovgrad, Eastern Industrial Zone, Himkombinatska St. A data protection officer has been appointed at Neochim PLC. The contact telephone number is +35939165501

Neochim PLC processes personal data in connection with the performance of a contract or in the context of pre-contractual relations of employees of the company, employees of external companies with which the company has concluded contracts, clients and suppliers.

For the employees of the company the processing of their personal data is carried out:
– for the performance of a contract or in the context of pre-contractual relations
– for the fulfilment of obligations of Neochim PLC, arising under a law or other normative act
– after the consent by the employees of the company
– in view of a legitimate interest of Neochim PLC

Neochim AD processes the following data for its employees:

ordinary data:
– full name, national identification number or foreigner’s personal number, permanent address, current address, telephone numbers, bank accounts, information on completed education, employment, information on additional qualifications

sensitive data:
– medical certificate data
– data from expert decisions of the Labour Expert Medical Commission
– sick notes
– trade union affiliation
– video surveillance
– health-related data processed by the Occupational Medicine Service

The employees’ personal data are stored in accordance with the current law:
– payrolls – for 50 years

The personal data of the employees are provided by Neochim PLC to state bodies, including the National Revenue Agency (NAP), the National Social Security Institute (NOI), the National Health Insurance Fund (NZOK), the labour inspectorate, etc.; the private bailiffs – within the scope of their competence, as well as to third parties – in cases where this is required by law or other normative act.

For customers and suppliers, the processing of their personal data is carried out:
– for the performance of a contract or in the context of pre-contractual relations
– for the fulfilment of obligations of Neochim PLC, arising under a law or other normative act
– after the consent on the part of customers and suppliers
– in view of the legitimate interest of Neochim PLC

In order to ensure adequate protection of the data of the company and its employees, we apply all necessary organizational and technical measures provided by the law on protection of personal data. The company has appointed a Data Protection Officer. For the sake of maximum security when processing and storing personal data, we may use additional security mechanisms such as encryption.

Neochim PLC processes the following data of customers and suppliers:

Identification data:
– full name, identity document number

The personal data of customers and suppliers shall be kept until the expiry of the limitation periods for laying claims, set forth in the Law on Obligations and Contracts (5 years), obligations to provide information to the court, competent state bodies and other grounds provided by the current legislation (5 years). Please, note that we will not delete or antonymize your personal data if it is necessary for pending court, administrative proceedings or proceedings for the examination of a complaint of yours towards us.

Video surveillance is carried out on the territory of the company in order to observe labour discipline, to improve labour productivity and to prevent the loss of intellectual and material property, to monitor the production process and the equipment and to protect the life and health of employees and other persons.

Rights of data subjects in connection with the processing of their personal data:

Right to information:
– data subjects have the right to information on whether their data are being processed, on the categories of data and the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data are disclosed
– data subjects are entitled to a message in an understandable form, containing their personal data being processed and any available information about their source

Right of correction:
In the event that Neochim PLC handles incomplete or wrong / erroneous data, the data subjects are entitled at any time to request from Neochim PLC:
– to erase, correct or block their personal data, the processing of which does not meet the requirements of the law
– to notify third parties whose personal data have been disclosed of any erasure, blocking or correction, except where this is impracticable or involves excessive effort

Right of objection:
At any time, data subjects are entitled to:
– object to the processing of their personal data if there is a legitimate reason for doing so; where the objection is reasonable, the personal data of the individual may not be processed any more
Right of limitation of the processing:
Data subjects have the right to request a limitation on the processing of their personal data, if:
– they contest the accuracy of the data for the period in which its accuracy is to be verified
– you have filed an objection against the processing of the data, pending verification if the grounds of the administrator are legal

Right to data portability:
– Data subjects may request that Neochim PLC provides them with the personal data they have provided in an organized, orderly, structured, generally accepted electronic format if the processing is done automatically

Right to appeal:
– If the data subjects believe that Neochim PLC is in breach of the applicable regulations, please contact us to clarify the matter. Of course, you have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Commission.
Upon failure to submit the abovementioned personal data, the statutory requirements of the Labour Code, the Social Security Code, the Law on Health and Safety at Work, the Law on Personal Income Tax, etc. cannot be fulfilled.