Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Certificate ISO 9001:2015
Reg. № BG 16/93096

SGS held in January 2017, a recertification audit of the Quality Management System in “Neochim” PLC and its compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

The scope of the Quality Management System is “Production and sales of mineral fertilizers, inorganic and organic chemical products”.

SGS issued a Compliancy certificate with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, under the accreditation of EA“BAS – Systems Certification Body”.

The management of “Neochim” PLC applies quality policy orientated towards:

  • Identifying the risks and opportunities for guaranteed achievement of the established targets;
  • Determining organization context and interested parties;
  • Higher level of commitment by the senior management – leadership;
  • Taking into consideration the feedback from all interested parties, not just from customers.

The control of the functioning of quality management includes periodic internal audits by trained internal auditors. Established results are discussed annually at the Management review.

The certifying organization SGS conducts a control audit of the Certified system.

“Neochim” PLC continuously monitors information, related to customer perception of the extent to which his/her requirements are satisfied.


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