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General Information:

Chemical formula: CO2
Molecular weight44.01
CAS №.: 124 – 38 – 9
EC №.: 204 – 696 – 9
Neochim PLC code: 17 – 01
Appearance: colourless easily flowing liquid
Use: production of carbonated drinks; production of chemicals; packaging gas for food; calibration gas; plants growth promoter; fire-extinguishers; organic compounds solvent; refrigerant in food industry; shielding gas in welding; inert gas.



Typical Values



Carbon  dioxide (CO2), % v/v 99.97 min. 99.5
Water  vapours  at pressure 101.3 х 10-3  MPa  and  temperature  200С, g/m3 0.0365 max. 0.0365
Oxygen (О2), ppm v/v 20 max. 30
Test acidity passes the test passes the test
Carbon  monoxide (CO), ppm v/v 2 max. 10
Ammonia (NH3), ppm v/v 0.25 max. 2.5
Nitrogen oxides (NOx), ppm v/v 0.0 max. 5
Phosphine (PH3), ppm v/v 0.0 max. 0.3
Acetaldehyde (C2H4O), ppm v/v 0.1 max. 0.2
Vinyl chloride (C2H3Cl), ppm v/v 0.0 max. 0.5
Hydrogen (H2), ppm v/v 15 max. 20
Nitrogen (N2), ppm v/v 100 max.120
Non-volatile residue, ppm v/v 7 max. 10
Non-volatile organic residue, ppm v/v 2 max. 5
Volatile hydrocarbons (as СН4), ppm v/v 3 max. 30
Volatile non-methane hydrocarbons, ppm v/v 3 max. 20
Aromatic hydrocarbons, ppb v/v 10 max. 20
Оil by camphor test passes the test passes the test
Odour and colourby sensitivity test passes the test passes the test
Total sulphur (S) , ppm v/v 0.05 max. 0.1
Sulphur dioxide (SO2), ppm v/v 0.5 max. 1
Appearance by test passes the test passes the test


Tank  trucks,  steel cylinders by carbon dioxide,  customer’s  packаging

Date of issue: 07.05.1992


These data are based on our current knowledge, experience and technical equipment. They do not relieve customers of carrying out their own tests and experiments, due to the great diversity of possible effects in processing and application of our products. They do not imply any legally binding assurances of certain properties and applications. The recipients of our products ought to abide by the existing legislation and regulations as well as possible reserved rights.



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