Product stewardship policy

Product stewardship policy

The main activity of Neochim PLC is the production and trade of mineral fertilizers. The company is a leading manufacturer with strengthened positions both in the Bulgarian and the international markets.

The senior management defines as its main priority the development of an economically stable enterprise, concerned about the state of the environment, health, safety, and security, associated with the whole lifecycle of the fertilizers it produces and sells to its customers.

Neochim PLC declares its commitment that it will not create or sell intentionally a product which cannot be produced and used safely, while applying adequate practices of production and use. In maintainance of this policy it will implement and apply in a responsible and ethical manner the product stewardship programme, by undertaking to:

  • introduce industrial standards during the development and production of its products and processes, and guarantee compliance with the applicable normative requirements, while at the same time the products meet or exceed the expectations for them;
  • perform periodic review of the risks related to the products, and determine if an additional evaluation is necessary in order to satisfy itself that all reasonable steps have been taken to reduce to a minimum the potential impacts and to manage the residual risk in a satisfactory way;
  • ensure knowledge on the impact of its products on the environment, health, safety, and security, as well as provide information on the whole lifecycle of the product to the interested parties;
  • analyze and improve its practices, processes, and products in order to reduce the risk and influence caused by them, with the purporse of protecting human health and the environment from its products;
  • promote open communication with all interested parties, and cooperate with them for creating rules and practices which will contribute to the implementation of the present commitment.

In this way Neochim PLC will concentrate its efforts on the real possibilities of workng in accordance with the principles of producing, handling, storing, distributing, and using its products in a safe manner, with regard to people, property, and the environment.

This policy has been communicated to the whole staff, working under the guidance of the organization, and is at the disposal of the interested parties. It will be an object of continuous improvement, and will be applied in conjunction with the policy on quality, environment, health, and safety at work, and the policy for preventing large-scale accidents at Neochim PLC.

General Managing Director