Our motto is: “Man and nature in perfect interaction”

Neochim PLC’s activity goes along fully with the harmony of “Man – Nature” relations.

The major goal of company’s management is to aim at maintaining and continuously improving the environment, complying with all applicable ecological legal requirements, on the basis of effective management of company’s processes.

As an instrument for achieving the goals Neochim PLC has developed, introduced and certified environmental management system in compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001. The system has been integrated along with the already certified system for quality management in compliance with ISO 9001 and health and safety management system in compliance with ISO 45001.

The production processes and facilities are under uninterrupted control. Periodical and continuous monitoring for emissions from the production facilities of Neochim PLC, waste water, soil , noise emissions and waste have been introduced. In order to control environmental parameters on Neochim PLC’s territory, an accredited Testing Laboratory Ecology has been set up.

Compliance with ecological norms by the company guarantees clean environment. Neochim PLC aims at applying best available practices in management of production processes. In that way the company is concerned about ensuring ecological balance and serves as an example for other companies in the chemical industry.

The environmental policy of the company is accomplished by setting reasonable, achievable and economically secure objectives, as an element of the business processes of the organization.

In compliance with its commitment for continuous improvement and achievement of goals for pollution prevention Neochim PLC works for:

· Reduction of the consumption of natural resources in production processes

· Reduction of the packaging portion of raw materials, materials and finished products

· Increse of the share of waste, transmitted for recovery/recycling

· Reduction of greenhouse gases, related with the company`s activity

· Replacement of conventional energy sources with renewable energy sources and increasing of the energy efficiency

Thanks to its many years of history, successfully implemented practices and company policies, Neochim PLC succeeds in not only being a leader on fertilizer market, but also in imposing its image of a producer that cares for the environment.