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General Information:

Injection moulded products are produced by moulding under pressure. Maximum weight of product is 800 grams. Neochim PLC code: 34 – 01

Types of products:

  • RUSHING RING /adsorption column packing/
  • CRATE FOR STRAWBERRIES /for small fruits/
  • SPRAYERS FOR COOLING TOWERS /components used in thermo-electric power station cooling towers, chemical plants, etc./

Other products for which there is an existing matrix and purchase order by client could also be produced.
Materials used in production processes are: PP, PELP, PEHP, PА-6, etc.
Product samples are approved by client prior to production.

Date of issue: 05.02.2007


These data are based on our current knowledge, experience and technical equipment. They do not relieve customers of carrying out their own tests and experiments, due to the great diversity of possible effects in processing and application of our products. They do not imply any legally binding assurances of certain properties and applications. The recipients of our products ought to abide by the existing legislation and regulations as well as possible reserved rights.
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